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About Us

          I have 5 children ages 22,12,9,7 and 4. I also have a stepdaughter, and 2 grandchildren. They are ages 6 and 5. One of my grandchildren was born premature. I do have experience with looking after preemie babies. I am familiar with the delayed developmental skills of a child who has been born prematurely.  

     I used to be a pharmacy technician for  about 14 years. I worked for Walgreens for a little over 6 years.  I also worked for CVS (used to be called Caremark Specialty Pharmacy) for a little over 7 years.  However,  due to the demand of my large family I have decided to stay at home and start up an in-home daycare. 

         I want to ensure you my house is safe. DCFS runs a background check on anyone living in my home. I do recommend when looking for daycare, please make sure the daycare is licensed. DCFS is very extensive and they make sure you are prepared. The people you may see when dropping off, and picking up is my own children;  My 4 year old Cian, is super shy, will not talk but full of smiles. My  7 year old daughter Laylani who loves to talk and play with the babies, She even practices her reading by sitting the babies around to her and she reads to them. My son Nathan who is 9, loves to talk and help out. My 12-year old son Tyler is also shy, but he will be helpful. My oldest is Cheyenne, 22, you may not see her too often, she is normally working, and plans on moving out soon. My husband is normally at work, but you may see him from time to time leaving for work or coming home from work. He is also my I.T. guy and is very tech savvy. So you may also see him sometimes working on my computer, laptop, printer or camera's.  We are all fully vaccinated from COVID.

                    All though I do love and welcome all ages, I do feel my specialty is infants and babies. After the experience of having so many of my own, I feel very confident taking care of little ones. 

        If you enroll with me you will have the option to do zoom meetings thought out the day if you would like. Your child will have access to ABC ABC mouse is a learning program. Once the child is enrolled, I can ad your email and you can check their progress.  I will also work with your child with reading, writing, math (using cool math program). I also use flash cards for the alphabet, numbers and shapes. Once your child feels comfortable with a pen/pencil I will be make them a laminated name tag to trace everyday, and we will work on tracing the alphabet and numbers. We will also play games, have free play.  We will walk to the park 1-2 times a day (weather permitting). We try to work on skills with building blocks and play games such as Jinga. We will do arts and crafts.  I do provide breakfast, then a morning snack, lunch and a afternoon snack. If your child is under the age of 1, I do not provide baby food, or formula. I do provide filtered water, bottle warmer, Infant snacks such as teething wafer crackers & biscuits, yogurt melts, etc.

     We are animal lovers.  We have 3 sphynx cats, and a black furry  cat. W also have a Dog, but he will be crated or outside in his gated area during business hours.



Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to know more!

Upcoming Events:

     Summer spots opening soon for temporary summer camp-like daycare for school aged children. Please schedule your walk-through soon, and reserve your child's' spot with a small deposit!

I will only have 1-2 spots opening.  Dates of summer camp will be updated by April or sooner.

   If interested in walk-though to be placed on waiting list please inquire within.

 We have 3 security camera's
record for up to 1 week

Touch free hand sanitizing station

Touch free sanitazing station

Touch free soap dispenser and 1-use paper towels in Daycare bathroom.

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